About Seegnal

Seegnal System: A totally new, proven concept for DRP handling

Seegnal is designed to be the world’s most comprehensive, advanced, and intuitive system for handling DRPs. Within seconds, clinicians (including physicians and pharmacists) can identify, prioritize, and solve DRPs as well as select relevant alternative drugs.

The platform can be implemented either in a secure cloud-based configuration or an on premise configuration.

It can seamlessly interface with any Electronic Health Record (EHR) or similar platform. Seegnal synchronizes data from various leading global databases to present DRPs in an intelligent and intuitive interface, that can significantly enhance HCPs’ capacity to deal with DRPs, improve patient’s care, and reduce healthcare expenditure.


Intuitive and comprehensive graphical presentation

The innovative and comprehensive graphical interface of the Seegnal system enables one-glance detection, prioritization, and problem solving of complex and demanding DRPs, within seconds. As a result, an up to a ten-fold reduction in user’s alert load is expected.

Powerful alert minimization system

On top of a powerful visual interface, Seegnal significantly reduces alert fatigue through a multi-tier alert-severity assessment mechanism. This mechanism adds layers of personalization and best clinical practice on top of the alert-screening process. Additionally, an HCP / organizational agreed bypass may be applied to enable specific tailoring & adaptation of local guidelines.


Immediate presentation of potential alternative drugs

Seegnal takes the cumbersome trial and error process away from HCPs and helps them find an alternative drug to overcome a problem, using the innovative Alternative Drug Mechanism (ADM). The process of selecting an alternative and safe drug that eliminates any DRPs, takes only a few seconds.

Personalized Medicine

Seegnal puts a lot of emphasis on detecting and solving DRPs associated with patient-specific factors, including genetic profile, herbal medicines & diet, smoking, ECG, pregnancy, lactation, vital signs, a variety of lab results (such as kidney & liver functions) and more.