About Us

The name Seegnal reflects the need of the clinician to easily visualize the appropriate and safe drug treatment for complex patients.

Seegnal developed the Seegnal platform, a smart eHealth solution for mitigating risks & managing drug-related problems (DRPs). It deals with the widest spectrum of DRPs, including the capacity to embed and synchronize external/organizational CDSS applications (e.g., guidelines, clinical reminders) within its core engine. Seegnal interfaces with patient management solutions, and incorporates patient specific data from relevant domains/applications/modules into one rule engine, in order to generate a net assessment and a synchronized resolution of the DRPs. Seegnal’s identified outputs are backed by globally-acknowledged expertise while providing a one-glance, innovative GUI operation (±1% of the time compared to other systems) and exceptional, over 90%, sensitivity & specificity.

The company mission is to improve clinician experience and patient outcomes, reduce hospitalizations and lower healthcare costs.

Seegnal is a privately held company (spin-off from Teva Pharmaceuticals in 2017), dedicated to the creation, marketing and service of a proprietary technology solution for the eHealth industry. Seegnal was founded in 2012 by Roni Shiloh, MD, a practicing psychiatric who identified the unmet need for an effective clinical decision support system to address and resolve Drug Related Problems at the point of care, while treating patients.