How does Seegnal work?

Promptly Detect, Prioritize and Solve patient’s Drug Related Problems (DRPs)

Seegnal can interface with electronic health records or similar patient/medication management platforms. The HCP is alerted to potential DRPs as soon as the patient’s record is opened without interfering with the regular workflow. Thus, in cases where the present illness or patient’s complaints are related to a DRP, a more accurate differential diagnosis can be achieved swiftly.

Real Time DRP alerting

The Seegnal status indicator is always presented to the HCP in the main toolbar of patient’s record, showing the status of the patient’s DRPs throughout the encounter. The indicator points to the existence (red light) or absence (green light) of a potential clinically significant DRP without interfering with the HCP’s workflow.

Problematic drug(s) –
replaced in seconds

In cases when the red light appears, the HCP can access the Seegnal system with a single click. The potential DRPs are then displayed in a graphical and comprehensive manner. Should the HCP decide to change a drug that is part of a DRP interaction, this can be done in seconds. One click on the drug to be replaced and the system displays safer potential alternatives per the specific indication.

The indicator turns green –
no DRPs remain

Once a proper alternative drug is selected, the DRP is then solved and the indicator turns to green. Then, the HCP may proceed with prescribing the drug.