Proven in Clinical Study

2.1 million patient visits/2,000 physicians study

Study Design

Seegnal was clinically tested in a very large scale, controlled and prospective study in Leumit Health Services (LHS), an HMO in Israel that provides coverage to ~720,000 members with ~2,000 physicians nationally. All LHS physicians (n=1,969) and their respective patients were included in the study. The study duration was 6 months and about 2.1 million patient visits were analyzed during this period. The study included two arms of approximately equal sizes and socioeconomic status: a study group who used Seegnal and the control group that did not use Seegnal.

Main Study Outcomes – Reduction in healthcare burden

Study outcome

The use of Seegnal in a clinical setting is shown to exert a remarkable positive impact on patients’ health with a consequent reduction of healthcare expenditures. These include but are not limited to a 5.6% reduction in hospitalizations, a 1.5% reduction in drug consumption, and a 2.1% reduction in imaging procedures. Concomitantly, Seegnal was shown to be an important educational tool for physicians, contributing to their knowledge about potential interactions and their ability to solve future DRPs based on information gained by using Seegnal.