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Learn more about Seegnal, a smart platform preventing drug related problems

ASHP Midyear, Booth #1574

We all know that Drug-Related Problems (DRPs) are a major cause of mortality and health related problems. It is estimated that every year DRPs are responsible for over 150,000 deaths and health complication, not to mention the exacerbated costs of extended hospital stays, readmissions, and associated costs. Current drug interaction systems are ignored by over 95% of clinicians, as they create an excessive amount of irrelevant alarms, resulting in alert fatigue.

Seegnal is the most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use eHealth platform on the market, empowering clinicians to manage and resolve DRPs that are relevant to each specific patient, at the point-of-care. Seegnal is integrated with the EMR to incorporate the widest scope of relevant data – including medication, genetic profiles, smoking, diet and much more, into a smart, all-in-one, clinical decision support system.

  • Seegnal delivers >99% accuracy in alerts, as compared to the industry average of <15%, substantially improving quality of patient care
  • Generates cost and risk reduction with a higher return on investment
  • Improves clinician experience and satisfaction, which also improves patient safety

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